Writers for Robson Pen Pics

Leicester fan, football artist, Polish football enthusiast and Northern Leagues United goalscoring hero, Ryan Hubbard is back to strike fear into the hearts of the opposition writers’ team. Joining him in the bloggers’ line up is James Williams, semi-dynamic midfield presence and author of a forthcoming book detailing his travels to every Northern League ground in the course of the 2011-12 season.

Name: Ryan Hubbard

Position: Attacking Midfielder/Striker

Job: Polish Football writer, and occasional football artist.


What are you looking forward to most from this year’s game?
Meeting up with some excellent bloggers and writers, helping to raise money for a great cause, bagging one in the top left corner, and hopefully trading some Panini Euro 2012 doubles.

What’s your memory of last year’s game (if applicable)? Someone has already gone for Iain Macintosh’s arse, and I’m too modest to bang on about my fantastic chip ;-). One residing memory though is getting changed in the wrong dressing room and missing the whole pre-match preparations!

Name: James Williams

Position: Anywhere but defence.

Job: Saving the homeless folk of Newcastle

Website: Footy Ramblings

What are you most looking forward to from this year’s game?
As well as having the opportunity to catch up with the good folk from Northern Leagues United, it will be grand to pull on a footy shirt and stretch the legs once again.

What is your memory of last year’s game? The motivational drills arranged by Gavin Fell in sharp contrast to the Northern League Fans starting line up being selected by who was wearing the shirts 1-11. Last year was good fun from start to finish, meeting a diverse mix of football enthusiasts. Oh, and playing a killer ball for Paul Fraser’s goal.

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