Northern Leagues United

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Despite the unpromising forecast, the rain held off for Northern Leagues United. Unfortunately, for the writers’ team, their defence couldn’t manage the same with Whitley Bay’s Paul Chow and Paul Robinson, who between scored four of the fans’ six goals before switching sides and suspiciously missing sitter after sitter. Chow and Robbo ended the day with two goals apiece, Chris Conway and Dave Anderson netting the other two. For the writers, Neil Bellis, Ryan Hubbard and joint MOTM Paul Fraser levelled the scores three times before the scribes eased off and gave the fans their (brief) moment of glory…

Up against the dervish-like hips (and occasionally bare backside) of Iain Macintosh, Dan Newell and Chris Leyland formed a near impenetrable barrier at the heart of the fans’ defence. With the energy of Simon Pryde and Joe Daunt snuffed out by the eleborate tactical plan devised in the fans’ pre-match warm-up, by the last few minutes the writers had resorted to a fluid 4-4-4 formation, which more closely resembled a 2-1-9 in moments of distress. And there were more than a few of those.

A crowd just short of 300 turned out, smashing Birtley’s ground record and narrowly beating the club’s record attendance of 276, set during an FA Cup tie with Scarborough Athletic played at Washington’s Albany Park.

Thanks to everyone who made the first Northern Leagues United such a great success. We’ll see you next year. Or maybe sooner.

Some of the defeated players give their take on the game in The Sunday Sun and at Roker Report while there’s a spectator’s view over at Peter Mann. Another of the writers’ team, Andrew Gibney, interviewed players from both sides for a special edition of his podcast.

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