Northern Leagues United Pen Pics #15

Part-Hungarian, Manchester United fan (honestly, we’re not holding it against him) and editor of the internet’s very best site on Hungarian Football, Tomasz Mortimer spent his formative years between the sticks at the Derby County Academy, recovering just in time to keep goal for the first ever side to defeat Football Ramble – who promptly snapped him up for their own team. Shame England didn’t have the same idea with Puskas, Hidegkuti and Kocsis…
Tomasz is also on twitter here.

Positions: Goalkeeper

Teams played for: Toton Tigers, Attenborough Colts, Derby County (academy), Long Eaton United and Beeston Old Boys

Career highlight: Hearing Marcus Speller say “that’s the best save I’ve ever seen” when I played for the Football Ramble last March. He repeated the comment on the Ramble podcast. Unforgettable.

Player or team you’ve modelled your game on: Being part-Hungarian I have to pick the man with the lovely grey pyjamas, Gábor Király – unconventional and ridiculously erratic.

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