Northern Leagues United Pen Pics #14

Football writer, dad, Southend United fan and injured goalkeeper, Iain Macintosh is the author of the excellent Football Fables and the ‘Everything you ever wanted to know about…’ series. A regular contributor to The Blizzard, Sports Illustrated and the Irish Examiner, Iain’s also the Premier League reporter for Singapore’s The New Paper, which means he gets to scoff free ice cream while watching Arsenal. Boo.

Iain’s training count currently stretches to two runs, several dozen sleepless nights and the world’s biggest pizza, though his eyebrows get through an average of twenty-five lifts a minute watching Fox News at 4am, rising to one hundred and six when Bill O’Reilly’s on. For more from Iain, you can read his recent piece on Cobaltore Onagawa for Sports Illustrated or follow his tweets here. Or, like a football journalist torn between the choice of choc chip or pistacchio at the Emirates Stadium, why not treat yourselves to both?

Positions: Unused substitute

Teams played for: Falmouth College of Arts

Career highlight: Once scored at Stamford Bridge while dressed as an eight foot green dinosaur.

Player or team you’ve modelled your game on: I am my own inspiration. My dreams are my wings. Ah, alright then. Phil Neville.

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