Northern Leagues United Pen Pics #9

Chester fans and joint contributors to Richard and Neil’s Football Blog, the Bellis brothers are the Onagawa Cup’s answer to Ted and George Robledo in Newcastle United’s 1952 Wembley victory over Arsenal. We’ll leave them to squabble over which one gets the late winning goal and who gets stuck on the left of defence, though my money’s on the bloke with the plastic rhinoceros.

First up is Richard Bellis, the big man up front in the Writers’ cutting edge tactical masterplan (“Kick the ball up in the air and get the lad with long legs to chase after it”.)

Positions: Striker, or right wing if you’re really desperate.

Teams played for: Rydal Penrhos School, Penryhn Bay, Red Army (awfully named and utterly terrible 6-a-side team) and, currently, Leeds Uni Philosophy Society.

Career highlight so far: Either scoring from the kick-off in a six-a-side game (a beautiful curling shot), or dragging my 6-a-side team to their first win, after many attempts. I scored twice then cleared one off the line at the end to win 2-1.

Player or team you’ve modelled your game on: Well everyone compares me to Peter Crouch because I’m tall and gangly. I’d prefer to say Thierry Henry or Michael Owen (local lad) for their finishing and Michael Wilde for his hard work!

Co-editor of the forthcoming Chester FC fanzine The Blue and White, Neil Bellis is hoping to go on at least one run before July 9th. If he does, he’ll be comfortably the fittest member of either squad.

Positions: Striker or occasional (and reluctant) left winger.

Teams played for: Actually played rugby until I was 18 but currently play for AFC Time Team (Cardiff universities Archeology team) and have played for Rydal Penrhos and also plenty of 6 a-side.

Career highlight: Placing a curling shot just like Villa’s in the Champions league final for my 6 a-side team. Have been trying it every game since and can’t do it again.

Player or team you’ve modelled your career on: Michael Owen – good finisher (occasionally) but does nothing else for the team whatsoever – and Peter Crouch because I’m tall and much worse at headers than I should be.

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