Northern Leagues United Pen Pics #8

Host of BBC Radio Newcastle’s Total Sport and one of the 16 players in the Writers’ squad to list their position as ‘defensive midfield’, Simon Pryde has done a solo skydive and completed the Great North Run five times – ideal preparation for marking Paul Chow. Simon can be found in the company of ex-footballers every weeknight between 5.30 and 7.30 or with hedgehogs on twitter here.

Positions: Centre half or defensive midfielder.

Teams played for: Keele University, various Sunday League, BBC 5-a-side and 11-a-side team.

Career highlight: A dramatic penalty shoot out win versus the cast of Doctors in the semi finals of the BBC National Tournament. (I coolly slotted in the first penner. We lost to BBC Scotland in the final).

Player or team you’ve modelled your game on: Franz Beckenbaeur meets Jody Craddock meets Laurent Blanc, meets Claude Makelele meets Michael Carrick meets Robbie Savage meets Brian Kilcline.

Sunday League footballer and Spennymoor Town fan Dan Newell has turned out at Wembley and plays a bit like Nemanja Vidic. That’s a 3-1 win to the Writers’, then.

Positions: Goalkeeper or centre back.

Teams played for: Bowburn Crowtrees (Durham and District Sunday League) and Cumby Rovers (Frank Hudson Crook and District Sunday League).

Career highlight: Keeping goal at Wembley in June 2009. We won a regional 5-a-side tournament at the Goals Centre in Middlesbrough and went to Wembley for the nationals.

Player you’ve modelled your game on: I like to think of myself as some sort of Nemanja Vidic, only with a quarter of the fitness levels! As a goalkeeper someone like Joe Hart, quite extravagant and cocky.

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