Northern Leagues United Pen Pics #1

First up for the football writers is David Hartrick, co-editor of In Bed With Maradona and creator of the fantastic I Know Who Cyrille Makanaky Was.

Positions: Striker, Defensive Midfielder, Chilled-out Entertainer.

Teams played for
: Far too many to mention but favourite years spent at Littlejohn FC.

Career highlight
: A last-minute winner for Revolutions FC to seal the title in ‘it’s up for grabs now’ style, or a debut hat-trick for the Littlejohn away at Diggle that included a 25-yarder.

Player or team you’ve modelled your game on: I was once described as the intersection of a venn diagram with Gary Lineker on one side, Jonah Lomu on the other. I was happy with that.

Joining Dave in the writers’ squad is Stuart Fuller, author, long-suffering Hammer and the man behind the multi-award winning The Ball is Round.

Positions: Centre Back

Teams played for: Grasshoppers (not Zurich), Hole in the Wall, Reale Madrid and Cable & Wireless All Stars.

Career highlight: Stopping Richard Keys from scoring in a charity match by pulling him back by his chest hair; scoring from a free kick 25 yards out at the old Wembley Stadium; scoring 12 times in one game and still being substituted.

Player or team you’ve modelled your game on
: Julian Dicks meets Martin Allen.

Follow David and Stuart on twitter.

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