Why the Northern League Matters to Me #16

On Saturday 12th March, Birtley Town travelled to Division Two rivals Crook Town. After the game, Northern League Day spoke to both managers.

“The commitment we’ve got towards the Northern League is immense. It’s my work life and my social life. It means a great deal and I really love it.” Brian Maitland, Crook Town manager.

“The Northern League is fantastic. I’ve been involved with the league since 1992. It’s all I’ve ever known. It can get a little tiresome when you get in the house at midnight after getting beaten at Northallerton away and the A1 is shut and you have to go over the A19 and it seems to be taking forever to get home with you thinking “Why am I doing this?” But then you get days where you win and everything all seems worthwhile.” Scott Oliver, Birtley Town manager.

“The Northern League is about being with people. You have a bunch of folk who you work with and you have your aims and goals, but really it’s the people. Winning is great but it isn’t just about that. It’s about being involved. We at Crook Town said this year that as long as we manage alright and we’re getting along then that’s great. Everybody does their own little bit and then you have a good laugh afterwards. I just love it!” Jeff Pattinson, Crook Town committee member.

Thanks to everyone at Crook and Birtley for their hospitality this season. If you’re in the area, both clubs are at home on Northern League Day.

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